A promise I made to myself is that I would make weekly mixes showcasing (that’s a weird choice of words) what I am listening to at work during the week. That means at then end of the year I’ll have 52 mixes. Hope you are at least entertained. 

/Sleep - The Dandy Warhols

/Ballad of Richard, A Real Bronx Cheer - Crippled Black Phoenix

/Come Again - Billy Nichols

/The Presence of Your Grace - The Telescopes

/Belfast - Neon Neon

/Baby Missiles - War on Drugs

/Innocent Eyes - Gliss

/Goodbye (w/ Soap & Skin) - Apparat

/Black Tar Frequencies - Grails

/World Leader Pretend - R.E.M.

/Crawl from the Wreckage - Engineers

/Heartbeat - Don Johnson